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With so many competing grad school applicants, you need expert advice and thorough guidance if you are going to get accepted into a graduate program. Successful applicants not only understand what selection committees are looking for, but they also execute a well thought-out plan and avoid making unfavorable mistakes along the way. 

Exclusive contributions from our grad-school experts, guides you through the entire grad-school application process and help you make the right decisions about how to stand out amongst other applicants, how to choose the right grad programs and what pitfalls to avoid along the way.  

MyGraduateSchool has the all the advice for Getting YOU Into Grad School!

Relevant Experience Increases Graduate School Prospects

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How Much Does Grad School Cost? Can I Afford It?

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"This is the most comprehensive book that I have ever seen about applying to grad school. The advice, aimed primarily at undergraduates looking to further their education, is sound and each topic is thoroughly covered. This thought-provoking guide leaves no stone unturned; I would recommend it to anyone considering applying to grad school." Sia Knight - Educator, Speaker, Blogger, Author of Top College Questions Answered

Graduate School: Winning Strategies For Getting In, 2nd edition, by Dave G. Mumby, Ph.D. 

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