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Higher education continues to change at a rapid pace. There are many factors that are constantly causing this, such as the increase in population and the advancement in technology. There have been some very clear cut trends that have recently emerged in higher education. Here are a few along with an explanation of each of them:

1. Globalization

Demand continues to rise on a global scale for higher education and it will only continue to grow. There are currently more than one hundred million students in college worldwide. Competition between universities is fierce for the brightest students, as well as faculty and funding. Places such as India and China have become important areas for college campus growth. This massive campus expansion overseas has led to new opportunities in regards to foreign exchange programs for both students and faculty.

2. Branding

Universities are quickly realizing that the Internet can provide them with a way to promote their various academic programs to people. At the same time, the Internet can be a very effective way of enhancing a school's brand. As a way of attracting potential students, many colleges have started student blogger programs, where current students can blog about their daily activities. This lets potential students know what they can expect, as well as enhancing the brand of the school at the same time. Sanford Brown, for example, provides a quality education at an affordable price.

3. Mobility

Most students today rely on their mobile phone more than ever before. It is only natural that universities have capitalized on these smart phones that are able to do many more things than make regular phone calls. Tasks such as registration and downloading class materials can now be done quickly and easily. Certain programs also allow students to access assignments that are on their dorm room computer remotely using their cell phone.

4. Campus Safety and Security

In the wake of the tragic April 2007 shootings at Virginia Tech, sixty-six percent of colleges have updated their campus emergency procedures. Forty-one percent have also raised the budget for campus safety. The security of campus data and computer networks is a continuing priority for colleges. With identity theft constantly on the rise, universities must be ever vigilant to protect the personal data of their students.

5. Technology and Strategic Plans

Issues such as efficiency and budget are growing concerns for universities everywhere. As a result, they are starting to copy certain practices commonly used in private businesses. Cloud computing enables data and files to be safely stored on a remote network via the Internet. This process could enable university IT costs to be lowered. Other financial strategies such as leasing IT equipment have quickly become an effective method to manage IT costs. This helps to ensure that money for new IT equipment and upgrades will always be available.

In the coming years, technology will play an even bigger role in higher education. Universities will create innovative techniques that will revolutionize the way students can study, collaborate and learn. These techniques will also improve the daily interaction between students, staff and faculty. Most institutions have already developed plans to ensure their long-term needs.


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